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Hey fellas, hoping y'all can help me out with this. For the past 13 months I have completely changed my life style and as a result I have lost a lot of weight, 180+ pounds putting me around 250lbs. I always told myself if and when I ever lose weight I would treat myself to a life long dream and begin assembly of my own stormtrooper or clone trooper armor. Well, after much research, I have learned that it will be a tedious project to be completed over time, which I plan on starting in the near future. Before researching, I was hoping to have it done for halloween, but that's not gonna happen. So instead, for halloween I've decided to go Jedi! I'm having some trouble finding some good sites for costume reference and assembly, any help on that would be much appreciated! I did however find this eBay auction that interests me look and budget wise. So I'm wondering, what are your opinions on this auction? Does it look fairly legit, accuracy and quality wise?

OBI WAN Full Costume Tunic Belt Robe star wars Jedi NEW | eBay
Hi there! Greetings from Germany. I´ve bought from costumebase several times. The Obi-Wan costume is one of their better products. For Halloween or german "Karneval" it´s okay. Not perfect, but wearable and people want to take pictures with you. ;)
Hope that helps.
I don't know about Costumebase's fabric, but I do have one of their Han Solo gun belts and it's just "okay." Since I only wanted it for a Halloween costume anyway, I bought it. But one of the leg straps (secured, supposedly, with a rivet) just fell off. The leather is very stiff.
How is the material? Is it fairly substantial thread count and weight? Not like cheapy costume store bought stuff?

Hello again! The material of the Tunika and belt is really good, even the pouches. But the robe is a way to short and the material too thin. It´s a pitty they don´t do the boots anymore, they were good, too. I also have the Han Solo ANH and EMPIRE costumes, and the Joker costume. As I wrote before, they are really good for halloween and carnival, even for conventions. For this budget really good. :thumbsup
Awesome! I was a little unsure about the robe, as it does look thin. I'm probably going to get the one without the robe, and save $60!
I wasn't happy with the costumebase obiwan. it's a really thin crinkle-cotton, made thicker by a layer of polyester-fiber-fill inside the neck trim and sholder-straps. this gives it a 'stuffed' or 'puffy' appearance -- it's impossible to iron. the tabbards fell apart the first time I washed them, and they were way too small (those shoulder-strap-parts). they were shorter than the tunic, which, itself, was only about crotch-level in length. it barely covered my buttocks. (in the movies those tunics come down almost to the knees). the robe is cotton twill (unshrunk). if you wash it you will lose ~20% of the length. I've never seen anything shrink so much, save virgin wool.
basically, its a halloween costume, and it won't survive the 'gentle' cycle - so don't ever wash it. the only thing left from my set is the tunic. c/w 'puffy', 'overstuffed' neck trim, so I cant even use it as an undertunic to a better set.

you're better off making one from scratch. here's a great tutorial. cheers.
I agree with Cobalt60 Making your own offers not only a better fit but when your done but there is that sense of Accomplishment when your standing in front of the mirror like "Hell yea!" I made my own costume when Episode 3 came out, out of old leather jackets and some Fabric I picked up at Walmart. The Robe was the funnest part since i never wanted to take it off it was warm and looked awesome when standing in the wind the only thing is i couldnt afford a MR Lightsaber so I was stuck with the Bulky Hilt
As a previous customer of costumebase, I can confirm their Jedi outfit is "ok" - assuming you just want it for halloween or don't require anything accurate. The tabards are very thick and the robe very thin. The best thing about their costume was the belt which was made of a fairly good and robust fake leather material, but they have since changed those to horrible, thin, plastic-y items which should be burned on sight :D

If you want a better quality costume, I'd recommend going to a professional seamstress such as clothears, or creating your own using the guides on Padawan's guide, Parts of Star Wars and Crazy Old Wizards.

Any leather riding boots are generally acceptable if you are going for a "generic" Jedi look, but there are some very good suppliers of accurate obi-wan boots out there too.

Lightsabers are available from several very good sources (LDM, FX-Sabers, Vader's Vault, Custom Saber Shop, or store-bought Force-FX or Hasbro toys if you're strapped for cash)

Hope some of that helps :D
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