Jean Luc Picard's Enterprise-E Captain's Chair Build

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    hi so i'm really into this new project, i want to build the chair from the old star trek movies,
    here is a photo i found of it:

    as for the build itself, i'm seeing 4 diffrent parts for the frame before apoltery,

    and overall a 6 stages build project

    1. Base,
    the base itself shouldn't be too complicated, i guess, just finding a piston or some way of makng the chair turn ... i don't know which ... the rest is reletively simple

    2. arms skeleton,
    i guess it's made of still ? i don't know i guess this part is the onlly part i'll have to order from someone who makes still, it's also bent, and i need to know the mesurments for all the rest before i'll tackle this order. making this part of wood is also possible but i think really complicated...

    3. arms rests,
    again i think prety simple, just mesure out and glue decs of wood then seel it all together...

    4. chair frame
    this is the only part that i don't know how it's built' since in the image we see the complited chair, and i don't really know how to build the skeleton for it that i'll need to apoltey afterwords,

    5. apoltery,
    this part is either reletively simple if we have a good frame, or really realyl really complicated if we don't have any frame... and the chair itself has this lines, that runs through it, i don't really know how to do them ...

    6. elctronics.
    i guess for starters i'll just add a few stickers to the arm rests, but later on i'll want to add LEDS, to the chair base and some switches to do all kind of things.. on it and mount everything instead of the stickers

    (yes stage 6 would make not not screen accurate, but hey... it would look really darn cool)

    so any help guys ?
    mesurments ?
    photos for more stuff to know on how to do ?
    maybe ideas on how to build the chair frame ?
    anything really ... ? i'm really starting to figure out everything...

    thnx guys !! your the best !!!
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    I'm not sure if English is your first language as your profile doesn't say where you are from but I found some parts of your first post unusual and unclear.
    What is still and what is apoltery?

    Is this chair your first major build?
    You'll need to be able to weld Steel if you want to make the frame.

    If you get hold of a copy of the John Eaves Generations/First Contact art book it has some good reference of the chair.
    I'm sure there are blueprints out there for this chair but off the top of my head I
    can't recall where I've seen them.

    Best of luck.
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    I think that's "steel" and "upholstery". ;)

    What renaissance_man said, good luck! :thumbsup
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    i ment , "steel" and "upholstery" offcures.

    about the rest, it's not exactly my first major build, but it's my first build of a chair.. that's for sure
    ive done some furniture in the past
    about the chair frame, i'll order it from someone that welds steel as it needs some steel parts.
    thanks allot about the , John Eaves Generations/First Contact art book i'll go look for it,

    i looked for blueprints really a lot of time, if you can find some i'll be happy to get them ! :)

    thnx !

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