Jean Luc Picard Jacket - Star Trek TNG


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Since I still had some microsuede left over from previous projects, I decided it was time to attempt a Star Trek: The Next Generation costume. I've never made a TNG outfit before.

Since I love jackets, I chose to start with Picard's, first seen in the 5th season episode "Darmok":


Of course, that was the only episode that featured that version of the jacket- in all subsequent appearances in the last three seasons we saw this version, that was not leather:


So that is the one I went for.

Step one, the tee shirt and sharpie pattern method:


Then on to paper patterns- first for a scrap material mock-up, then the real thing.




Again, I'm using fusible interfacing on almost all of the microsuede pieces to give it the proper body.

Putting the detail stitching stripes onto the shoulder parts:


These also got a layer of stuffing to pad them a bit.


It is not difficult, just very, very tedious.


Then came the assembly:



After that I made a lining and installed it. The last steps were the waistband and cuffs- just like the shoulders- extra padding a lots of tedious sewing.




Attaching these gave me problems. I had hopped to accomplish these final steps on the overlock machine, but with all the padding, it proved too thick for my machine to handle. So I used the regular machine (And I'll have to deal with the inside edges another way.)

So here it what it looks like- I haven't yet made the correct shirt or pants, so I substituted my Scotty pants & shirt for now:




Thanks for looking!
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You know I'm gonna have to try that on next time I see you, right? Haha. Excellent work, and a jacket I wouldn't mind owning myself. Very cool.


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I can certainly appreciate the time and craftsmanship that went into that piece. I would wear it proudly!



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Looking good as usual!

I always loved that Jacket

I used to sell them made out of Ultra-Suede back when that Episode first aired.

I was talking to Levar and he thought the first one was made out of Buckskin


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Thanks, Khitomer-

Not very much. Less than a yard of the black, and about 2 & 1/2 of the red microsuede. Then perhaps 3 yards of a lining material, 3 yards of the fusible interfacing, a bit of batting for the shoulders, cuffs & waist. And those tiny hook & eye fasteners that have to be hand stitched on...

I got to wear it to the prop party:

Sadly, I was out of focus much of the day...


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Nice job! Hope it's not an imposition, but I'm working on one of these myself and had a question.

I have the patterns from about 15 years ago, and they have the quilting width at one inch. That looks too large to me, 3/4 inch feels better but I was wondering what width you used?

Thanks in advance, and hope you don't mind me asking. :)
That's a cool Idea for a motorcycle jacket, same color scheme but all vinyl(or leather if you can afford it lol) with a star fleet badge sewn in, once again great job.
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