Jayne Cobb's "Boo" pistol. (All metal Scratch-build around denix)


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I know there are already a hundred "boo" builds here, but I wanted to document this one as I attacked it a way I hadn't seen done before (at least not noticed any documented builds this way).

Tools used: Common rotary tool, an regular 4.5" angle grinder (w/stand to hold it still so you could use both hands on piece), and a drill press

I started, as most do, with a Denix LeMat.

Converting it from the army/navy version to the cavalry versions was...fun. Lots of fun!...

Anyways, first things first, you need to start chopping.

Ground off the standard loop at the bottom of the handle, but decided to keep part of the 'shotgun' underside. I figured it would be a strong spot to anchor the pending 'greeblies'. I can't say I recommend this way as tons of grinding it thinner was required, but it did work.

Cut off the standard 'nub' and found a different more accurate steel nub off a "display hook" (like stores use). Drilled and tapped the sides then JB welded together. That thing is going nowhere.

For the main underside greebly I got some 1" OD aluminum tube (3/4" ID). I cut multiples and built 3 of them because this was hard as hell and I knew I would butcher at least 1. I built 3 so I could take the best one and use it.

There were actually 4, but the test piece got all kinds of mangled.
Here is where grinding the bottom part of the shotgun that I left in tact came into play. I had to get it down to 3/4" so my 1" OD aluminum tube could slide over it, and that was not as easy as I had hoped. But I did eventually make it fit.

It was damn near impossible to find an appropriately sized front "cap" to the greebly body. I searched everywhere for a common item I could convert. I ended up going with a stainless measuring spoon. $3 from walmart and I just need the "TBsp" size one. I chopped it up and grinded it down to fit.

Not a bad start!

At this point I started feeling like I could actually make this thing work.

I drilled out the center of the curve and 'steel-sticked' a heck bolt in there. It doesn't actually turn but it looks the part (seen later)

For the top rail, I cut out a couple slits of 1/4" aluminum (again, a 'couple' because I was sure I would hack up at least one, which I did.)

I used a 1/4" drill bit to remove the bulk of the material for the 'notches', then used an old fashioned hand file to square up the edges. It was miserable, but it worked.
Then a little tap and thread action followed by grinding off the tops of the screws so they were flush. (I did counter sink them to the best of my ability, but they still did stick out the top a bit)

really feeling it now!


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Re: Jayne Cobb's "Boo" pistol. (All metal Scratch-build around denix)

Next up is the rounded cosmetic bit. I agonized over this as well. I considered stacking that 1/4" aluminum and trying to cut/drill/sand it to shape it, but I decided to try and shape it another way.

I found a stainless steel 'utensil" holder and decided to cut the two halves out of the bottom of it. First attempt I mangled, but second try worked OK. There is a "seem" through the middle that isnt particularly screen accurate but it gets the job done. Attached the halves with steel-stick and a strip of aluminum.

So I rigged up some spacers and added some 1/2" steel tube, I drilled a hole on the bottom of the handle to run the more accurate 'tie-loop' and bolted it in there. Now I pretty much had all the parts!

A quick dry-fit

I was about to start painting when I realized the trigger was going to bug me forever if I did not convert it to the "cavalry" version. I starting by grinding out chunks that wouldnt fit. I then heated up the main guard so it bent a little easier. It does bend with enough force so I was able to work it to slightly better angles. Then I added the end of a common spoon (appropriately bent) then steel-stuck in place.

So NOW I was ready for paint.



After a quick rough-up with scotch bright and a wipe down with thinner to clean it, I hit it with some metallic gray.

I know most people do black, but I'm pretty sure the actual finish is the standard "blued gun" effect of the cavalry versions. I tried to replicate that with the metallic gray first, followed by some dull coat (to kill the "glitter" look), followed by a "black wash" to dirty and darken it, then last a gloss coat to bring the shine back (without a glitter look).

It kind of worked, but after all that it came out looking very BLACK! :facepalm Oh well.


For the handles, I did a 3 part process. Step 1, spray them a 'wood'ish color (I started Dark). Step 2 was dry brushing in a different wood like color (A lighter one. Use a stiff brush or even a toothbrush). Step 3 was scuffing up the whole thing to create scratches then giving it a dark enamel "wash". The scratches and natural textures take a wash decent. I'm sure there are others out there who have made faux-wood painting an artform and far surpass my skills, but I am reasonably happy with the results.

And after fighting everything to get it back together here I am

I found a pretty close match for the screen accurate holster on ebay. Not sure the model/style # as it was 'used' with no packaging, but it was made by "Eagle" and looks damn close to me.

Finally the gift was ready!

I gave it to my brother as a Xmas present. He has a long history of good gifts so I pretty much owed him a decent one this year. He is a huge Jayne fan and I think it was a smashing success.

- - - Updated - - -

Very nice work so far. Have you managed to acquire the trigger guard yet, or are you scratchbuilding that as well?

Thanks! Sorry, I wasn't sure how many pics fit in a single post so I broke it up into 2. If I did forget to document something or if there are any other questions I'll do my best to help/clarify.


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nicely done -- what a cool gift...next year you can get him the knit hat -- I bet that will be easier than the gun. ;)
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