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Jaws : the real props


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I'd be running out the door with one of those barrels! :lol

Actually two if I could carry them, one for me and one for Al! :D


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That's a pity.

A lot of the su JAWS props are still on Martha's Vineyard, or not too far from.

The cage in the pics certainly looks like the real deal, it seems to be the miniature cage which was used by Ron and Valerie Taylor with a midget stunt diver to make the real Great White's look bigger.


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There are screen used props on display in the Shark exhibit at the Maritime museum in Sydney Australia.

I went and saw them in Feb, not sure if they are still there but they had the midget diver suit and cage, and a full size suit with cage, it was really cool to see, If only I brought a camera with me. :unsure
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