Jaws Quint leather fishing harness


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I've seen Jaws more times than I can possibly count, and yet one thing that has always gotten my attention for no really reason is the harness that Quint uses while trying to catch the shark with his Penn Senator.

All that I know about the harness is just what is observable in the scene.
That its obviously made out of leather,
It has a solid part on the small of the back

It has small straps over the shoulders

And it snaps onto the reel
Straps to reel.png

Besides these obvious facts, I have no info on the harness,
So does anyone? I've heard of people having replica's, but personally I have been able to find zero information on the thing.
Can anyone supply info?


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That fishing harness was probably designed/made for the production. If you Google antique leather fishing harnesses; you'll see that this particular model doesn't exist. One could imagine Quint making his own harness to fish sharks only...that would make sense. ;)
It's a bit like some cowboys wanting their own saddle/harness/spurs designed to be one of a kind and unique.
A lot of Quint's stuff was supplied by Martha's Vineyard locals during the production. My guess is that it was just borrowed off one of them like the Greener harpoon gun. I've never seen an exact make/model provided in any of the JAWS making of books.

Good luck. If you find out anything, please post.

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