JAWS: Quint from the ground up (Shoes, Pants, Shirt, Jacket, Hat)


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SHOES: Sperry Top-Siders CONFIRMED
Budget Option: Sperry Cloud CVO Deck Sneaker
PANTS: Lee/Can't Bust Em Frisko Jeens CONFIRMED
Budget Option: Ben Davis Work Pants
BELT: unknown
SHIRT: Levis Orange Tab Cotton Chambray Work Shirt CONFIRMED
JACKET: M1951 Field Jacket (with modified sleeves) CONFIRMED

HAT: Kaint Shrink Work Cap SPECULATION
Budget Option: Waxed Cotton Fishing Cap from Stockbridge Sewing Works


In the coming weeks I plan to put together a complete Quint costume.
There is some good info out there, but also some misconceptions about the components of Quint's basic look.
I'll be documenting the costume build as pieces come in and I thought it would be fun to start with the soles of Quint's shoes and work my way up:)

In JAWS Quint sports a pair of original Sperry Top-Siders (interestingly, this is the only item of clothing carried over from the novel). They are well worn and soiled beyond their original tan color.
Quint Sperrys.jpg Quint Leg.jpg
I was able to score a pair of deadstock vintage Sperrys in my size on the 'bay.
Sperry NWT.jpg Sperry Bottom.jpg
If you don't want to go the vintage route, Sperry still makes a decent facsimile of their original shoe under the name of Sperry Cloud CVO Deck Sneaker
They are currently sold out of some sizes (including mine:( ) but your mileage may vary.
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I've got this hat and i've had it for quie some time now. Its been my daily and only gets better with age


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Some excellent info here about his jacket:

Good luck on your quest!


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This took a bit of tracking, but I think I've found it.
Quint appears to be sporting a pair of Lee or Can't Bust Em Frisko work pants/jeans based on the shape of the front pockets. These were the go-to jeans of legendary tattoo artist Sailor Jerry.
25750c.jpg s-l1600.jpg b1b732240fb55b8b5ee166e51e708c66--behind-the-scenes-carroll-oconnor.jpg Sailor-Jerry-TATTOO_462626a.jpg
I found some info indicating that these were favored by sea-faring folk:
"Frisco Jeans were worn by the members of the Sailor's Union of the Pacific (SUP) along with a white small peaked cap, called a Lundeberg Stetson after a Harry Lundeberg the legendary union president."
These can be INCREDIBLY hard to get ahold of.
For a decent modern substitute try Ben Davis Work Pants
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I've got this hat and i've had it for quie some time now. Its been my daily and only gets better with age
I have the same one. AND I just found out that I used to buy hats from the maker in Coopertsown when I was a kid!


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shirt.jpg double button.jpg chambray.jpg
Often misidentified as a US Navy chambray work shirt, the scalloped pocket flaps, wide collar, black buttons, and double button cuffs reveal Quint's shirt to be a Levi's Orange Tab Chambray (with the orange tag removed).
Prepare to devalue expensive shirt in 3...2...1...
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I know, I know, everyone knows it's a Korea-era m1951 Field Jacket.
All I have to add is BUY SMALL AND BUY SHORT. Quint's shirt cuffs are always poking out the bottom:
I made a QUINT name tape using a stencil I made and permanent marker (a little coffee aged the tape nicely):
Name Tape.JPG

Here at the basic distressing elements.
Left breast pocket flap is missing:
Flap.JPG Flap Gone.JPG
Left breast pocket is stitched back on with 12 ~1cm stitches:
Left Pocket.JPG
Repaired backwards "L" tear on right arm:
Right Pocket.JPG
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Got a vintage pair of Lee Frisko Jeens in my size. Well... my size in two months hopefully. Gotta cut back on those Narragansetts.
Here's some better pics of the unique pocket configuration.

Frisko1.JPG Frisko2.JPG


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Oh boy. What a ride.

Quint's hat has been the topic of online debate for some time now. Options became available when Heddel's made their Knickerbocker cap a while back. This expensive (and inaccurate) hat sold out a long time ago. A cheaper, fitted option is now available from Stockbridge Sewing Works.
Quint Fishing Cap. Waxed cotton 4 panel cap with front pockets. Fitted or adjustable, any size.

As for the original screen-used hat...
Everything I found had some features but not all. The best guess I can offer (if the hat was indeed an off-the-shelf item and not production made) is that it is a cap from the "Kaint Shrink" company.
jet cap.jpg jetcap2.jpg kaint shrink.jpg

Obviously the bill is not the same, but this is the ONLY vintage cap I could find with two small pockets on the front. It may be that the cap is just from another year. Here is another later-vintage Kaint Shrink cap:
This one lacks the bisected pocket (it's also too tall).
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Interesting hat research, Boss. I "assumed" the original hat was some sort of off-the-rack yet vintage piece that the costumer dug up -- but have yet to see an exact ID on it. I have a Heddel's and do wish it was fitted... but not enough to buy a replacement one. It's "good enough" for me.


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I was able to work with Stockbridge Sewing Works to make their hat more accurate. I had them narrow the center panels and shorten the front pockets. Please excuse the color quality in the photos.
stock4.JPG stock2.JPG stock3.JPG stock1.JPG
Gotta say, I'm pretty satisfied.

But, I may try making my own hat from scratch... because I'm crazy like that ;)