JAWS 'ORCA' Replica Boat

Russell Buckley

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Thought I would post the below link for all you JAWS enthusiasts who are looking to purchase a replica of the 'ORCA' fishing boat from JAWS.
This is a project that I commisioned in late 2010 due to there being no good replica's of this boat available anywhere! Designed from literally hundreds of different photographs, this is a good representation of Quint's doomed vessel.
I received the finished project in June 2011 and at present I am still working on adding small details which include a real shark jaw on the bridge (which was re-designed to be larger than what you see in the pictures), heavy sea-weathering, M1 Garand & Greener Harpoon Gun replicas, weathering, stove & radio, rope rigging, etc.... it really does look amazing!!!!

Orca Model Boats - Orca Model Boats
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