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I have a blue 2008 Jeep wrangler sahara edition and while I'd love to have a 1992 sahara, this is what I've got. There's no question in the fact that I'm going to theme it. I'm just that kind of guy. And since JP is out of the question, my next favorite is jaws. It's definitely an original idea. Does anyone have ideas on what they would do to make a "jaws jeep"? I was thinking a custom tire cover: captain jakes amity boat tours (jaws ride) would be neat.

Liken this but with a soft top
I say if you want a JP Jeep, do it anyway!

As for a Jaws Jeep, you could have it say "Amity PD" or something like that on the sides and hood.

Did Chief Brody drive a Jeep in Jaws?

-Mike J.
Brody drove a Chevy Blazer. I just though the jaws idea would be easier. Might still do JP though. The only thing about having it say Amity PD is the laws on impersonating an officer.

Just ask the local PD if it's OK to impersonate a fictional law enforcement vehicle.

If you want flashing lights, that may be tricky ... Here in FL, you can't have flashing lights that are red or blue. They can be white, yellow or green.

I'll ask 'em. My friends dad is a cop, actually.
I was thinking about two amber lights. Throwing some beached closed signs in the back.
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