JAWS 'BRUCE' sharkcityozark MAQUETTE

Russell Buckley

New Member
Just a quick post so as to let all JAWS fans know that Shark City Ozark (www.sharkcityozark.com) are now in the process of shipping their much-eagerly awaited 1/6 SCALE 'BRUCE' BUST and their 'OSS' (Open Sided Shark) 'BRUCE' MAQUETTE.
I simply just cannot wait to get each of these, I've had them on pre-order for a good few months now and looking at the recent pictures they have just put up on their site... :eek

1/6 SCALE 'BRUCE' BUST # 44 for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
This guy has a great story on top of some excellent Jaws replicas he has turned this into a business that his whole family is involved in.
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