Jawa Build


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I want a couple of inexpensive Jawas for my Halloween display this year. I started with these cheap IKEA blankets (recommended on the Krayt Clan forum) and drafted my own pattern based on what is universally accepted as a Jawa robe.
I used small clothes pins to keep it together for sewing as the material is a very loose weave and won’t hold pins.
I used a long straight stitch followed by a loose zig zag stitch over top to keep the edges from unravelling, flipped it inside out and had a finished robe.
This was my first attempt at a hood and I had to figure out how to assemble it with the liner. It ended up being a little short so I am not using it. I made it from the offcuts from the blanket so there isn’t any waste. E6548A85-63F8-4F50-B35B-3CBFBC25D0CF.jpeg
I then dyed the robe with Rit brown dye. It didn’t take as well as I was hoping (I think I needed to stir the dye bath more) but I’ll dress any imperfections with weathering.


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For the head I started off with a styrofoam head I hade lying around and some old outdoor led lights that I stripped down.
002C534B-800F-486D-8901-AF3823EE25F9.jpeg 2E142B5C-18EB-45F9-8360-6B1C7CB3AAA2.jpeg

I cut the front of the face to create a flat area and mounted the new eyes below the original ones.
EC44C634-E996-417D-97A2-E872569C4FAD.jpeg 5800EB82-207A-46D4-80CB-3159A891F3BC.jpeg

I then wrapped the entire head with black gaffers tape and 3d printed some hemispheres in translucent white PLA.
3E4CB51D-2212-4055-9D56-7839A1A459C4.jpeg C6F15A76-2E6F-4309-ACF4-71118409155F.jpeg

I could have stopped here but decided to add some black duck cloth I had lying around. I figured they may be like the Tusken Raiders under the hood.


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For the body I used pvc pipe and some left over fittings from another project. I pulled a beat up pool noodle from the garbage and padded out the body with some foam and polyester batting. All of these were items I had lying around so this guy really only cost the price of the dye and a few fittings.

It took me a few try’s to get the pose I was looking for but I think I finally have a decent action pose. The blaster will be motion controlled and light up but I’ll detail that buildup in another thread.


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Seems like I didn’t document the ion blaster build as much as I thought I had so I’ll add it here.
I 3d printed some free files from Thingiverse from a couple of sources and modified a few of the parts and had to make a couple new parts.
As with any prop I work on, the more I analyze it the more problems I find with existing models. I’m not a good enough modeller to completely scratchbuild something like this but I can cobble together a reasonable facsimile.
I made the barrel and stock from a 2x4 and used acrylics for the stain.
All parts were glued and pinned together.
2289E002-6229-4CF5-977D-1E09D79F0ECE.jpeg 48F8F1D4-560E-4ABC-84F3-A13DB0C73E51.jpeg

I added leds to the barrel as I intend to wire this up to a prop controller.
I modelled up my own powder flask so it would be easy to print and I made a channel in the model for wires and the power plug.
Added a leather sling and this is where I am at.
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I’m making a second Jawa so I thought I would detail some gaps in the build of the first one.
I traced my wife’s hand and followed the outline with some stiff armature wire.
I used backer rod for the fingers to give some bulk and wrapped them with hockey tape.
E14AD407-FDC7-4636-B9CB-9A2947AE424A.jpeg 14B7BFBE-4808-40ED-BBEB-E9275BE35F7D.jpeg
For the palms I used a cut up foam mat that I had left over. I sliced a wedge shape down the middle as I want to be able to move the thumb into an opposing position. Everything was wrapped up in the hockey tape again.
BF91E80B-8F73-455A-9853-D4013DEF16B7.jpeg 5EE62BF6-2645-4EB0-8810-A7F92FDDB3B8.jpeg
I had purchased some inexpensive kids gloves on Amazon and used two layers for each hand. I could have gotten away with one layer but these gloves were so cheap and the second layer made a big improvement in the finished look.
FE7BF23D-1FA0-4F5C-993E-C191D4464779.jpeg 9A3B9288-DE53-4E85-8BE3-48012B1861B6.jpeg

I finished off with some fake fur I had lying around and then I had a finished set of posable Jawa hands.
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Do you have a link to the blanket you used? I can not seem to find it. I even found the official name of it on Krayt forum and still can not find it.




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Jawa #2 is well under way. I padded out the body tonight and thought I would show the under structure.
It is all 3/4” pvc pipe. Nothing is glued so it can be taken apart if necessary. The friction fit seems to be tight enough especially if you give it a whack with a rubber mallet to seat the fittings.
I used poly fill to pad out the body and spray adhesive to put a layer of thin quilting material over top to smooth it out. You can plump up the areas you want more fill in by adding another layer.
The arms were bulked up with pool noodles and hockey tape.


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I love your Jawa's!

Perhaps some yellow candywrappers or paint added inside the eyes to make them glow more yellowish?

Jawa eyes.jpg



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Wow, that’s a great build! Very nice job. Never heard the Ike’s blanket fabric, probably a better price if still available. The Goni is cool, too. I have several of those bins, they make a surprisingly good Gonk!

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