Jason Lives! - Friday the 13th Part VI - Jason Voorhees Costume Display


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Finally got myself a mannequin for my Jason Lives costume. That thing is perfect for a mannequin, hiding absolutely everything, making the illusion perfect. Anyway, here it is.


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A bit more details: first, I was lucky enough to find a mannequin locally (shipping would've been murder - pun intended ;)) with the right size and pose; it's about 6 foot 3, which is the right size for a part VI Jason, if I'm not mistaken. The mannequin was a bit thin, but I padded it with several layers of clothes under the costume proper. I also lucked out with the hands, which had separated fingers and were perfect for gloves. Also, the mannequin actually stands by itself, so I didn't have to use the big base plate that came with it
The knife was a very, very lucky find; after randomly looking on eBay for the correct one (a Gutmann 21-033 Explorer RAM-II knife with leather sheath) I just stumbled upon one. I bid, and I won. I do not exagerrate when I say that it was by far the hardest to find part for the costume, and the one I've been looking for the longest, and the more expensive, of course. Oh well! It was the last piece of the puzzle, and I was very happy when I found it. :)
Actually, here's a list of everything I used. Here goes:

The hockey mask was finished in part VI style by a guy named Ryan Brasier, from a Frightstuff blank in white ABS, just like those in the movie. It has brown leather straps held with rivets and everything.

The hood was made by Ragingzombie Studios, it's a "Maggotman V2", inspired by Jason's look in part VI.

The shirt is, just like the one used on screen, a dark green "Big Mac" style work shirt, weathered and distressed as all hell. I used wire brushes, my Dremel, an orbital sander, sandpaper, fuller's earth, the works. For the fence picket holes, I used gloss clear coat to achive a permanent "wet" look. And no I didn't use any blood, because part VI Jason doesn't bleed, he oozes. ;)

The pants are Dickies/Dockers-style flat front work pants, in light grey. Like the shirt they've been distressed and dirtied up.

The work gloves are deerskin leather yellow gloves, unlined like the ones used most of the time in the movie. Weathered with fuller's earth and several shades of acrylic paint.

The boots are Dunham "The Original" 7701 work boots, which were dyed dark brown from the original wheat color. Then they were weathered with fuller's earth and distressed with wire brushes and steel wool, etc... They were also very used when I got them, which adds to the look.

The belt is a Vietnam-era ALICE LC-2 pistol belt with the plastic buckle.

The Thompson 3-cell magazine pouch is a replica from a WWII original, which, just like in the movie, is used as a sheath for the devil darts. Those were made by Dirtknap F/X and are pretty much exactly like the ones used on-screen.

Like I mentioned above, the knife is an Explorer RAM-II with the correct leather sheath. The only modification was to paint the handle to match the look of the one used on-screen.

The machete is a modern one with plastic grip and a 18" blade made by Ontario co. I modified it to match the one on-screen, i.e. I polished the blade to a mirror finish (the real one was chromed) and I polished the grip to a high gloss. The machete is in a Vietnam-era 1966 machete sheath.

I don't think I'm forgetting anything. :p Don't hesitate if you have any questions!
Here's a few pics of the accessory belt, and the knife.


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Excellent work man! Really impressive. I just started my own this week, I've tracked down most of my materials but still short a few. But I did get my mask in already and finished making two of my Devil Darts today, though the tips haven't been added yet.

That's a great start! Tips for the eye holes: some stretched black pantyhose, taped behind the eyes. ;)

Thanks for the kind words!
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