Jason hood


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Hoping someone can help. I am updating together a custom Jason Voorhees-esque costume and I'm looking for a good latex hood available in the UK?

Some back story to this. I am a big Oakland Raiders fan (NFL) and last year I decided that I was going to embrace the realm of a "costumed superfan" for the game in London. Given my love for the Friday 13th films, I decided a Black and Silver Jason would be perfect. The gameday experience as a "superfan" was amazing and it's definitely something I will carry on, but the costume needs work to say the least (It was fairly thrown together last year)!

I have just had a custom made remake hock done by Maniac Masks which is awesome and I'm looking for a hood to go with it (The blond hair didn't really help carry the look off at all). I've looked at the usual places like the Devils Latex and Darkside Studios, however the shipping makes it a fairly prohibitive cost for me being in the UK.

Is there any equivalent in the UK or any independent latex artists in the UK at all? - I'm not looking for movie accuracy per se, just a good quality latex hood with a dark grungy look to it that will help carry the look off.