Jason goes to Hell latex mask


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Damn man looks really good! Very grotesque. Nice work! Mind giving a quick run down on your process? Foam latex or regular slip latex? 2 piece mold? Whats your core made out of?


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I took some more pics but through the process I got busy and forgot to document all of it, so I just posted the finished piece. I sculpted over an old CFX bust I've had for years. I like it for the weight and ease of moving it. I used platilene clay and sculpted pretty large knowing the latex would shrink some. I still wanted it large but didn't want a bobble head! After finally finishing the sculpture I made a two piece mold out of ultra cal, and poured it up in monster makers latex. The hardest part was reference. The pics from the film are always so dark. The pictures on the net from the HSS mold and other behind the scenes shots sometimes looked as if there were a few different sculptures with minor details different such as bumps on the head and such. I made this as kind of an amalgamation of all those pics.