Done / Completed Jaro Tapal/Cal Kestis [«OGGDO KILLER»] lightsaber (from "Fallen Order") by Lukyanov - SOLD OUT


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Experimenting with my own hilt



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I had a really great morning. After the USPS lost my first Oggdo Killer, its replacement arrived today! I have to give Denis major kudos for his help, unparalleled customer service, and pure kindness. When you read so many negative reports about some sellers in the saber community, it is a nice feeling to know that there are good people like Denis out there. He stayed right beside me throughout this entire process. He's got a customer for life in me.


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I can't see any great replicas so I have plans to make my perfect one. Really love this saber.
I want to make it as close as possible to the original based on official promo prop, concept arts, 3D-model.
It will be in damaged and double-bladed version. For 1'' blade with hidden screws and hidden sound vents.

Please write if you are interested in buying in 2020. If I see enough support, I will implement this project in the near future. :)

View attachment 1087531

UPD march 2020: The development is almost done in full. Now we need to wait for the sample to be done.

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View attachment 1276060
View attachment 1276062

Prototype photos:
View attachment 1317973
View attachment 1317972 View attachment 1317974

I'll post more photos and show all the details of saber and start collecting orders in july :)
The price will be 350$.

UPD 23.08.20: I no longer accept orders :) There will be more at my friends stores. Stay tuned
Was lucky to get one from you, it's a beautiful saber! I seem to see a few posts a week on Facebook of people looking for one. Maybe a second run is due?


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So Disney created a nearly perfect version of the pommel piece. However it is too large in circumference. The length is practically the same as the stock piece this saber comes with. So I have contacted a person with a high definition 3D scanner to scan the Disney part and scale it down to fit the Oggdo Killer. It should arrive to him tomorrow.


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