Jared Leto Joker


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joker.jpg i don't know what to say looks bat **** crazy lol


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I'm not a fan of the tats, I actually love tattoos but these look silly and make him look like a juggalo or a joker fangirl.

If he was without the tattoos he would look very similar to this joker, and that, I would enjoy.



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Maybe if he lost the "damaged" and laughter tattoos (and probably the silver teeth), this would've been a good look for him.
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Obviously not the best with photoshop, and it was quick... but you see the point. Personally. I think it looks great without the tats. Even with the body tats, put him in the suit and he'll look perfect. The grills work because Batman's knocked that many of his teeth out, over the years. May also have accidentally eradicated one of his nipples there, oops.


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That looks great without the tats its actually a real shame if they kept it simple i think Jared could of been the most accurate in looks.

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and we could say bats chomped off his nipple lol


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The damaged tattoo on his forehead is too obvious


Also I think he may have some sort of sword tattoo next to his left eye
He just looks like some underground dance club raver hopped up on something. More pathetic than frightening.

But, hey...after Heath Ledger, I knew there was no where to go but down.


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I think they're trying too hard.

agreed with the above that the tats make him out as more of a fanboy/girl than the actual joker.

there are stories where the joker gets tats in prison but honestly i don't think he'd stay still long enough to have one done


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The Joker is NOT a common thug life gang lifer nor would he ever choose to look like one.
At least not permanently. I could see him up to something of course.
Major fail. Hope it's not real.
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