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I have never posted up any of my work here on RPF, so I thought I would share my nearly finished Jango Fett.

Here are a couple of pics from fitting test I did the other day.

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Uploaded with ImageShack.us

as always C+C is welcome
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Yes I did get the upper body (chest, ab, collar and shoulders) from you Kal.

Most of the parts were bought in kit form such as the helmet and jetpack, and several of the cold cast pieces I bought and polished up and weathered myself. The chest that bought from Kal was already weathered by him and I didn't change it much, he had already done an admirable job on it.

The helmet I bought from Asok, and I did all of the finishing and painting on it.
The jetpack is an MOW and I did the finishing and painting on it also.
Cruzer gaunts assembled and weathered by me (I worried myself sick working on those)
The leather work is from a few different people Seeker, Cruzer and TL00be over on TDH.

It took me a bit over a year to find, aquire, paint, finish, weather, assemble and fit all of the pieces. I have a couple more things to do on the kit before I can call it finished though.
Looks horrible...what were we thinking making you cadre?

LOL! You know that's a lie. One of these days your OCD will allow you to actually call it done enough to get it approved in all the various clubs.

(Oh yeah, this is Ca'tal BTW.)
its not OCD........isn't obvious that this is not perfect yet. geez

I have actually done several of the things I wanted to do, I just need some time to suit up and retake some pictures.
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