Jane Foster Breastplate Build


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I built a replica of the breasplate worn by Jane Foster in Thor 2 over the past couple of weeks.

Here's the rundown:

Hammered from 20g mild steel sheet and masked with vinyl that I cut on a silhouette.


Etched using a 5A, 30V power supply running at 4.8A for about an hour in a table salt (NaCl) solution. Armor anode (+) other plate as cathode (-). Both submerged in the solution.

Here is the lovely bucket of of sludge at the end of the process.

Final Product:


- - - Updated - - -

Also made a video of the creation:


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wow that looks perfect, the video is great too, I've made armor out of fiber glass but I really want to have a go at metal work and your video is an inspiration, I've never seen the whole process like that its really interesting, thanks for sharing it!
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