Jamie Lannister Sword - or - WTF Am I Doing?


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JustView attachment 676572View attachment 676573View attachment 676574View attachment 676575View attachment 676573 Just finished Jaime Lamister Belt and Scabbard build for Halloween. Got a little carried away. Laminated plywood, sanded to oval cross section. Suede lined sleeve. Leather wrapped and decorated with Michaels jewelry and foil. The only issue is the gold decorations at end of scabbard I am learning are not decorations, but are counter weights to balance the sword and allow the handle to be further forward on belt.
Hi I just saw your post here and I am blown away! I was looking for someone with your talent and I am happy that I found you and was hoping that if I paid you in advance you might be able to make another replica of this Jamie Lannister sword scabbard. I just got hey Jamie Lannister sword and I need to the scabbard to go with it LOL. Name your price I will definitely pay it. Let me know whenever you can. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!


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FuzzyDrawings. Your sword looks amazing, good job on the cast. Would I be able to ask which liquid silver paint you used? Yours looks many times better then the metal finish I have on the Longclaw replica I just finished. The spray I used looks a bit flat and the rub and buff I tested didn't turn out much better.

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I used silver liquid leaf, buffed it real good, and then did a wash with black acrylic paint, using a paper towel to wipe/dab it off. It isn't perfect, but it does the job. There are a TON of good metallic paints out there, but they can get really pricey. I've been experimenting with other cheaper methods for a new project:

1) using aluminum tape from the hardware store on sword blades - this gives you a perfect shiny base. You then take steel wool to buff it some, and then apply a black wash. This is only good for rigid blades that can NOT bend; if the blade can bend, it causes ugly creases in the tape you can't get rid of. I found this out the hard way.
2) start with black spray paint, then add a clear, high gloss spray paint. Then, using an air brush, lightly apply silver liquid leaf paint. You don't need much, otherwise you'll loose the affect the gloss paint gives. Finish with a black wash.