Unlimited Run James Bond Walther PPK Skyfall (3D Printed Kit)


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Update - I've switched over to a google order form to make it easier to order my kits. Simply click the link, fill out the form and send the PP. All information needed is available in the form:

theRPF Order Form for rgriesbeck

Update - 10/28/2015

Now the good news - because of the fact that this is a smaller gun than I usually do and the print times are less, I can offer these for $75.00 instead of the usual $100! And shipping will be a bit less too - $10 to the US / Canada and $15.00 anywhere else.

Pics from the new printer:

IMG_20161023_155619.jpg IMG_20161023_155636.jpg IMG_20161023_155645.jpg

Other kits I make:

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Possibly, would be cool. I can't remember why the LEDs where there, wasn't it a "Q" safety thing?

IIRC the gun is coded to 007's palm print and it lights up yellow when his hand is matched to the grip.


Green lights when Bond held it, Red if someone else did.
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