James Bond: Spectre Ring


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When I saw the ring in the Trailer I knew I had to make it. I used images from the trailer to recreate the spectre symbol and then designed the ring for 3D printing
You can get them from my shapeways store and with a little polish and some paint this is how it turns out. I ordered mine raw silver so I could just do the polishing myself. I don't know how the other silvers turn out yet.


Here is a little video I made for it.

I also added a "Frosted Extreme Detail" plastic version that can be painted, and I would love to see a talented RPF member take on the challenge of making it look like metal! Its only $15 for the plastic version. $55 for the raw silver.

This is what the Raw silver looks like straight from shapeways.
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I hope people actually get tricked by the video.

It turned out awesome. Here is the screen grab where I manipulated the image to get the right shape.
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