James Bond SKYFALL Stone Sign Replica Build


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Wrapped up this project a little while ago and thought I would post it.


Recreated the SKYFALL sign on Bond's house from the movie. I had a couple of research images that showed the actual prop being handled.
SF-sign+handler-A.jpg sky1.jpg
The piece is 36" wide and 11" tall. To figure out the exact dimensions, I found a guy online who has the original sign from the movie attached to his house. His house happens to be made of brick. He lives in the UK, so bricks there are a standard size of 8"x2.25". So, using photoshop I was able to cut and paste the bricks to figure out exactly how big it was. For depth, I went with 1", which looked like the one from the gallery.

Started by printing the sign at full scale. I used extruded foam to carve the stone look, spritzing it with acetone and sanding it to give it a more coarse look.
IMG_7814.jpg IMG_7813.jpg IMG_7815.jpg IMG_7816.jpg IMG_7817.jpg IMG_7818.JPG IMG_7824.JPG

Then it was time to box it up and pour the silicone.
IMG_7830.jpg IMG_7831.jpg

It took almost two gallons of silicone to pour it. That's a mess of silicone. I used Mold Max 30.

The first two pulls were of UltraCal. It turned out great, but weighed almost 40 pounds. I had even sunk a 3/4" sheet of ply and mixed in some cabofil to help lighten it. Unfortunately, during the full cure phase, they cracked apart and were lost.

IMG_7876.jpg IMG_7875.JPG

My next attempt was with fiberglas. I have a bad reaction to the smell, so I cast it outside and it just kicked so quickly that there were many pock makes and voids. It was my first attempt with this size of a fiberglas piece.

IMG_2786.JPG IMG_2787.JPG IMG_2784.JPG IMG_2788.JPG IMG_2785.JPG

So recently I did a job using Smooth-On's Apoxa-Cast and Apoxie-mite and I had no reaction to the smell. So I thought I'd give it a try and I managed to pull two perfect pieces out.
IMG_2832.jpg IMG_2847.jpg IMG_2848.jpg IMG_2849.jpg

They ended up weighing less than 4 pounds! Now just time for some finish paint and I can hang it up.
























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Looks Great! May I ask how you got the carving of the letters so nice-what tool did you use for the bevel?

I actually used an Xacto blade. I've been carving foam for about 20 years, so it's kind of second nature. The big thing to keep in mind is that, as soon as you feel any resistance, change the blade. Foam dulls blades very fast. Do that, and keep your blade at a good 45 and you should be good. Also, don't saw, let the blade slice. If the blade is sharp enough, it will just carve right through it. I used a paper template to let me know where the outsides of the letter were as well. Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, ask away.


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Thanks for the information-I will have to do some practice to see if I can get any where near that proficient. Nice work for sure!

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The sign looks amazing!

I just wanted to say, you should never be able to smell your resins or epoxies. Please use a respirator and always have proper ventilation. Even though epoxies have less of a scent, they still have just as many noxious fumes that you don't want in your body.
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