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Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by aliensarchive, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. aliensarchive

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  2. Nobby

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    big Bond fan here
    thanks for sharing! :thumbsup
  3. Alan Castillo

    Alan Castillo Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Yep, thanks for sharing ! Love the Lotus and Moonraker models :thumbsup
  4. notaek

    notaek New Member

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    Great collection! Thanks for taking the time to upload them, the Moonraker models were pretty cool to see in their actual scale like that!!
  5. weno

    weno Member

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    god i really want a nerve gas container from goldeneye ARGGG
  6. mikenelson1982

    mikenelson1982 New Member

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    that a great collection of 007
  7. Starsky

    Starsky Member

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    I went to that exhibition too, it was great.
  8. healvis

    healvis Active Member

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    Here are some of the photo's I snapped at the Bond in Motion press launch a few months back.

  9. GKvfx

    GKvfx Sr Member

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    Thanks for posting. Keep 'em coming..........
  10. ed-209

    ed-209 Sr Member

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    The "Little Nellie" helmet on display is NOT the one used in the film. The original helmet was stolen from Cmndr. Wallis at a French Air show where he was displaying "Little Nellie"
    This replica was made to replace it. Unfortunetly, while it might fool some's not even the right type helmet...let alone the camera lens or camara unit.
    Here is a more accurate replica made in collaboration with a fellow collector.


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