James Bond: Live and let die (1973)


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I am looking for the Solitaire's tarot game. Everywhere I look, it is currently unavailable.
Is there anybody here who can post hi res scan of each face and the deck ?

Thank you proud members of the RPF.


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Hello Brigandia,
Here is everything I have on tarot I hope it can help you
take care of yourself !



  • Lovers Tarot Card - Live and Let Die.pdf
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  • Queen of Cups Tarot - Live and Let Die.pdf
    207.4 KB · Views: 54
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Thank you guys, but I retrieve the complete set on my Props HD. :)
Caplan, you don't have the good playing cards, the font are not correct.
1st is yours, 2nd is mine.
Have a nice day and take care of you.
Caplan queen of cups.JPG Queen of cups.jpg


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Here's a couple of Sheriff J W Pepper id's from Live and Let Die i did for a friend who cosplay's him could not find out what the J W stands for so just made up a name same for the address and for his date of birth i used the one of actor that played himClifton James


  • jw pepper dl.JPG
    jw pepper dl.JPG
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  • jw pepper id.JPG
    jw pepper id.JPG
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  • jw pepper ss card.JPG
    jw pepper ss card.JPG
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