James Bond - Licence to kill - Signature Gun


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Hi Guys

Been an observer on here for a while but not posted a title before, and not as many James Bond props as I would imagine so heres my adaptation of the Signature Gun given to Bond in 'Licence to Kill'.
Its been on and off the bench for a couple of years and also it takes that long sometimes to acquire all the parts. They are all faithful to the screen model as close as possible, all other integrated 'special' parts are machined aluminium and anodised.
Just working on the light sequencing and finger print recognition to complete.
hope you like....
20130214_223551.jpg 20130228_104851.jpg 20160124_204922.jpg 20160124_211002.jpg


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This is amazing! Bumping this up as I start my own build. What tripod / monopod did you find to match the stock? Was the muzzle brake custom or found?

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