Jack's Compass... My take on the Captain's "unique" navigational instrument .

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by crypto, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. crypto

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    I have slowly been gathering items for a Captain Jack costume and found that the compass is one item that proves hard to find.

    The cheap costume compasses out there look to cheap and nasty and to be honest being in Australia they aren't cheap once postage/shipping has been added.

    I found some scale plans and decided to make my own.

    I drew out the templates onto posterboard (compressed cardboard) and then cut them out and started assembling them.


    A piece of pvc pipe was used for the inner part of the compass, I then filled the cavity with resin to add a little weight and to give screws etc something to grip to .

    IMG_5649.JPG IMG_5648.JPG

    A Christmas bauble made a good dome for the lid, this was doubled up to make it stronger.





    Stay tuned .. more to come ......................
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  2. Mr Mold Maker

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    Looks very promising so far..keep up the good work!
  3. DrMcoy

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    fantastic! i am a big fan of the movies and this prop, and yours is coming along nicely -- thanks for posting progress pics.
  4. Kasdren

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    Its looking good; if you use some super magnets hidden in your glove you can make the needle point in any direction you want with the slightest movement of your palm.
  5. Tuckanator

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    Very cool, any chance you vould post the link to the plans you found?
  6. JC777

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    Looks good so far :) Nice call on using the bauble for the dome, it looks pretty much spot on. Hope to see more of your build soon.
  7. crypto

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    I had forgotten all about this build until I found it in amongst some gear I was cleaning up.

    I need to get this finished before it ends up hidden on a shelf somewhere .... :p

    I used 2mm card on the edges.

    IMG_5731.JPG IMG_5743.JPG IMG_5742.JPG IMG_5691.JPG IMG_5744.JPG

    Once all the edging was done the whole piece was undercoated.

    IMG_5758.JPG IMG_5759.JPG

    More to come ................
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  8. PHArchivist

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    Did a toy conversion for a JS compass - one of the most fun and rewarding projects I've done.

    Yours looks great so far! Be careful with reference - some books (POTC Visual DIctionary, IIRC) have the image flopped.
  9. crypto

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    I found a "dial face" I was happy with and printed it out and glued it to a piece a card.

    A couple of nuts added to the back allow it to sit and spin on a cut down nail that is glued into the bottom of the compass body.

    IMG_6196.JPG IMG_6197.JPG IMG_6198.JPG IMG_6199.JPG

    Card and plastic sprue used to make the central piece of the compass.

    IMG_6555.JPG IMG_6556.JPG

    More to come ..............
  10. DrMcoy

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    looking good!

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