Jack Sparrow's -DeadManTellNoTales- Costume Updates


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Yes, I confess, I am NOT a big fan of the On Stranger Tides look. The bandana dangle for instance, or “zombiefinger” people wanna call it, was pretty crappy as far as I’m concerned… But I guess the classic “Piece of Eight” is very hard to top…

Anyways, as the shooting of the fifth installment has begun, photo’s of our Captain are starting to leak, and the biggest changes that are showing for now, are a third(!!!) belt with a huge(!!!) buckle, another skull ring, and a new bandana dangle.

Also the amount of feathers tide into the dreads seem to be gone, but no hires pic’s yet, so it’s hard to tell. But definitely some new beads and trinkets are shown.

I wanna stick to the “old” look as seen in the second and third movie and refine that costume, but I still love identifying and hunting down stuff.

For instance, the hooked, claw-shaped thing on the bandana dangle, makes me think of a fang of some sort, and the first thing that comes to my mind would be that of a snake. Especialy because there’s a piece attached to it that looks like the part were it is supposed to be connected, like a joint, to the rest of the snake’s skull.

Again, it’s hard to be sure, but it is a thought…

Talking snakes, the new belt does look like reptile skin, perhaps snake skin or crocodile leather…

Again, just some thoughts and first hunch about what could be what.

One of the trinkets has been identified already on a facebook page, but I think it was Capn_Jack_Savvy who was the one finding it.

Perhaps this thread could help the ones who want to update their costume. Anyone who has any thoughts about anything, and wants to share those thoughts, is welcome to do so.


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And the lack of the "Flower" and "Stolen" on his left hand
The Stolen Ring changed owners during the last movie, so that one already left the scene.

But yes, the Flower, or Button Ring, is nowhere to be seen.

Sometimes rings or other costume items are taken off for comfort when not shooting a scene, but seeing all the other rings, it's fair enough to assume the Button Ring is no longer part of the costume...
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Cool - looking forward to more!
Thanks, PHArchivist.

About the trinket already being identified by Capn_Jack_Savvy, it’s a Brass Tabular Baule Bead, from Ethiopia.

To those who are going for the costume updates, these are pretty easy to find and are not expensive.

You can read about it and order here:


However, this seller sells complete chains, but I’m sure you can find sellers offering those seperately.

The new Skull Ring has been discussed a bit already at the brethrencourt forum


and yes, you don’t have to be a huge Stones fan to let this ring make you think of the famous Keith Richards Skull Ring.

The original was made by David Courts and Bill Hackett


and given to Richards as a gift at the time. You can read all about it here and it’s a nice story


In 2009 they decided to make a new version, basically because of all the crappy replicas being sold all over the place.

That being said, on that one photo we have now, the ring does not look silver, but has more of a gold/brass look. This could be reflection of the surrounding, but the classic Emerald Skull Ring next to it still shows its silver colour.

Also, the ring seems to "lay on top" of the finger, standing out more, compared to the classic Keith ring, whitch seems to more rap around the finger. Overall, the skull on Depp's finger just seems smaller... But again, we just have to wait for better reference.


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Here’s another, slightly better, picture showing the new skull ring.

Again we can see the brass colour, next to the silver Emerald Skull Ring. And again, I feel like the skull itself is laying on top of the ring instead of being the ring itself, like the classic Keith ring is.

I think it’s pretty safe to say it is not the Courts & Hackett ring.


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About the new belt, I mentioned reptile skin. For now snake skin seems the most likely, after looking for snake skin products and patterns.
Because the belt is so big, my first thought would be python

But from the glimpse we can get from the photo’s we have now, the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake comes pretty close. After the complete skin is peeled off, it’s pretty broad.

Knowing that Depp likes to make up stories about his costume items, in Depp’s mind, the bandana snake fang and the belt both came from the same individual snake he encountered somewhere…

For now, this is just my best bet. It could all be complete nonsens after some hires pics start popping up…


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Thank you Captain paplooo, for your contribution. A lot of photo's are showing up as we speak, since three days ago Depp showed up shaking hands in full costume in Australia.

And before I can even blink my eyes, what I thought as something impossible to identify even with better pictures, this piece is nailed.

Capn_Jack_Savvy also posted a link to a silver replica of the same piece on a facebook Sparrow-page, but he doesn't seem to be much active here on the rpf at the moment.

Anyways, it has nothing to do with a fang or a claw. It is in fact a toothpick... An 18th century tooth&ear pick, but still, a tooth pick...

You can read all about the original piece here:


The one seen on Depp's bandana has a more weathered, bronze coloured look. And there's a thread rapped around the middle, holding the rest of the beads. Sooner or later a Sparrow will buy the silver replica to make some nice brass castings, I'm sure.


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Just some other changes:

Seeing some sort of striped pattern, it seems clear the frogcoat is made of a different fabric. Also the buttons have changed, more flattened. (Happy hunting, pirates!)

The red gem in the center of the Kuchi is gone. Not like it has fallen out, there is just silver colour like the rest of the coin. Almost as if they didn’t bother to drill out the casting to put the gem in.

The raindeer bone sail needle is tied different, like it jused to be. In OST the cord was wrapped once around the base, that is gone now. It is also hanging at the side again, instead of at the front. Think it's an improvement... The extra black (leather?) wrapping around the base of the ponytail is still there though.

In OST the bandane was folded in a way only the centered flower pattern was showing. For now, the side pattern can be seen again, but not on the bottom but on the top. A bit like it jused to be in the first three movies, but turned up side down. Overall the pattern seems extremely faded.

We have a better look of the new belt and buckle. I'm gonna stick to the reptile skin idea, that's pretty clear looking at the pic's. Still not sure what kind though...
With a skulled buckle, the skull symbols are starting to became a bit much. But so are three belts...



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good job, Ive found almost the 80% of the new stuff.. there few things i dont have idea what the hell they are... but ill keep searching


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Good work you guys have been doing. Ive found another pic of the new SKULL ring if it helps, plus a new addition to the teeth can be seen...295123FB00000578-3108830-image-a-63_1433321673495.jpg2951285D00000578-3108830-image-a-55_1433321503752.jpg


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This is very cool! You have correctly spotted our serpent ear picker, found at Jamestown, VA in an archaeological context relating to the 1607 James Fort site (first permanent English settlement in North America). You can read more about the artifact here: http://historicjamestowne.org/selected-artifacts/ear-picker/
The one he's wearing appears to be the actual silver reproduction, which you can purchase here: http://historicjamestowne.org/shop/jewelry/ear-picker-pendant/
or, the pewter repro (with chain) that costs a bit less... http://historicjamestowne.org/shop/jewelry/ear-picker-necklace/
or even, the miniature silver charm http://historicjamestowne.org/shop/jewelry/ear-picker-charm/
Captain Jack Sparrow appears to be wearing the full sized silver one, as a pirate would. Thanks for noticing this and figuring out the use of our artifact!
Serpent_spoon necklace.jpgFish_spoon Charm.jpgEar picker.jpg
Visit us at Historic Jametowne to see the real thing in our Archaearium Museum. www.historicjamestowne.org
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hi there, i managed to find your store the other day and tried to order the pewter repro (with chain) but you don't ship to the UK from what i can see in the checkout section. Is there any other way of finding/purchasing this item that can be shipped to the UK??...


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Yes, the store managers say you can contact them at cwiggins (at sign) preservationvirginia.org
or tminns (at sign) preservationvirginia.org

You folks are good. I'm amazed somebody figured the jewelry out so quickly! We have a cool "memento mori" charm repro too, with a skull & crossbones - reproduced from a seal ring we found.


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Contacted the guys that make all the belts for the franchise as they are UK based but they are unfortunately under contract and will not be selling outside of the disney contract so we need to find another way for this new belt buckle. Iv got tons of stuff coming, already got the gems, stones and beads for the main bandana dangle. Lots of wig trinkets on the way including the exact key at the back of the wig next to the coptic cross and not a (as close as) key.. its spot on perfect. I have 2 OST waistcoats in the making from the original fabric and I have another longer version for Pirates 5 in the making aswell. Well on the way to getting this costume nailed