Jack sparrow teeth


Hi all,

Don't check in that often least not recently but I need your help! :) I'm poor, extremely poor thanks to politicians and employers past so how can I make Jack Sparrows teeth to use in costume?

I've tried making them before and failed and in the attempt nigh on glued my mouth shut o_O. For my ZF I used a real human tooth with 14kt gold leaf polished on it. However this can't go in my mouth..lol

cheers guys, any messages (PM's) would be a huge help as i rarely check in. someone bump this thread lol
I remember there was a homepage where you can order Rap/Hip Hop Stuff and all these strange stuff like the biggest rings and necklaces Ive ever seen...

But there you can order Teeth Caps in gold, and put it over your normal teeth, well, I guess it it works like this...
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