Jack Sparrow Bracelet?

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    Hi all,

    While searching for jack sparrow costume parts on the inter-webs, I stumbled upon this website:


    It's all in french, so an english translation is:

    On the occasion of the release of Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides , I propose you to participate on the blog in a contest allowing you to walk away with lots related to the film.The film will hit theaters May 18, 2011 in Disney Digital 3D IMAX® 3DTM and in equipped rooms. The lots involved are :- 5 bracelets ( unit value 17 euros) each accompanied by a pine ( unit value of 5 euros )- 5 * 2 movie tickets ( unit value 10 euros ) each accompanied by a pine ( unit value of 5 euros )The contest will happen on the blog of 4 to 18 May 2011. Then a draw will be made among the participants who correctly answered to the form located after the trailer .Competition in Metropolitan France only .

    The bracelet looks like this:

    And seriously, it looks amazing, so if anyone has any information on this bracelet, please let me know.

    ~Stay Savvy

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