Jack Harkness AbbyShot Coat


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Just got an email from AbbyShot and it seems their next project (before the eleventh doctor jacket is even finished) will be a Jack Harkness Coat! This'll be something to look out for.


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They told me about that one in an email a few days ago and I was pretty psyched. If it's made from the right fabric I'll probably end up getting one, but if they use wool they're just wasting our time, since you can get a really close wool coat on ebay or in surplus stores. So finges crossed for the correct fabric.


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i found one a few weeks before xmas. maybe not replica close and it had gold buttons that i had replaced with navy blue ones. i saw where the eleventh Doctor is supposed to get a 'coat' later on. i only saw one photo, but it looked pretty cool.


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They never used wool in the screen costume as John Barrowman is allergic to it. The buttons were gold though. I've got pictures of the costume I posted a few days ago.

Dave Ward

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Definitely one thing that's been missing from the market for a while. I've never purchased anything from Abbeyshot but it looks like most of their coats come in at $399 so the price is right.
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