Jack Bauer's watch from 24....

Jack Bauer

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I posted about this a few weeks ago. The features on this thing are amazing. I'd get one, but a bit pricy for me. Cool watch though.



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You know I liked this Watch so much I just bought one myself. :lol

I have been wearing a Rolex Submariner for years and I figure it is time for a change.

Thanks for starting this thread LewisD

Minder Thr33

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And I thought paying $200 for my Red Monkey Design watch was expensive. Nice watch that I'd buy if I had the spare cash.


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@Mar 5 2006, 02:33 PM
I just bought one....looks really cool...

Forgot to ask: To wear or to display?

Honestly...I'm not sure yet. Those that have the watch say that it is heavy compared to most watches. If it wears well, then I'll be my new watch. If not, it will still make a cool prop piece.

The parent company's official site is Special Ops Watch . The 24 fan club doesn't mention the watch's model name, but it is the Black Hawk w/ Ballistic strap.

Each watch is individually numbered also... :)


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Man I really love the show and now I really want this watch. No cash though. That's the problem with these forums, always showing me things that I can't afford.


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This is a big watch at 45mm * 13mm, like the size of a Panerai.

I think it fits nicely with a airsoft HK USP compact (I think that is what Jack is using but correct me if I am wrong) in the "24" collection section. :D


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The more I look at this watch, the more I want it. I just can't help it. I read about it a bit more and here's what I learned:

-Previously worn only by members of the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Navy Seals, U.S. Air Force Pilots, U.S. Delta Force, U.S. Army Rangers, U.S. Special Forces, Swat Teams, FBI Agents, DEA Agents, Police Officers, SAS, Tactical Units and Special Forces Units worldwide.

-The MTM BlackHawk Watch also employs the unique Special Ops recharging system. There is no need to ever replace the batteries, risking the watch integrity, with Special Ops Watches. Just place the MTM Blackhawk on the specially design recharging pod overnight and it will be fully charged in the morning. The long lasting battery technology means the charge lasts for a month under normal usage.

-The Internal Lighting Mode uses a triple bulb blue diffused light for discreet time keeping in covert operations. The External Lighting Mode uses an extremely powerful triple bulb system emitting a bright orange light. They can be seen for over one mile and it has been designed to be used as both a distress signal in emergency situations and a map reading tool in zero light conditions. The External Lights have to be seen to be believed.

Sounds too cool.


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It is a nice watch and I think a pretty good deal for the Money.

It is made from a single bar of steel and the face is carbon-fiber.

The 3 year warranty sealed the deal for me.

I just hope it goes as well with my Magnum Team Ring as my Rolex did.


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Yup, I'm getting ready to buy one. Just waiting for my check to deposit, lol.

I love real world stuff I can wear.


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I've also read that not only can this watch's external light mode be used like a flashlight to read maps, it can also be used in self defense as it will temporarily stun an enemy's eyesight in close range.

Not to mention this watch can survive an EMP. :p

I can't wait for this to arrive. I'll try to post pics...


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I have the poor mans replica version. It's a very nice watch put out by Dakota Watch company. It's affordable, and the lights are every bit as bright. They claim it needs an 8 hour charge every month, but so far it's been over 2-1/2 months on one charge. I am not promoting or trying to sell the watch, just sharing what I have. I am planning on changing the band soon.