Jack Bauer's Gun on 24 tonight


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Anyone know what gun Jack was using in tonights episode? Looks pretty cool



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Looked like one of the following to me, though I wasn't paying a lot of attention.

Smith and Wesson M&P .40

Springfield XD 910

or a Glock 23.

More then likely I'd say it was a 40 calibre and it looked like it had a 4 inch barrel IIRC.

Jedi Lawja

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In the novels Jack carries a SIG-Saur P229. He uses numerous weapons as the day goes on, but he starts with the P229.



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When reviewing my recording of episode 11 (5-6pm), I was able to pause exactly when there was a close-up of Jack's gun when he was in Henderson's house right before he shot the wife...without a doubt, he is currently using a USP Compact. Though I can't remember if it is the same gun he had from the begining or Curtis' gun that Jack may have taken after escaping custody...anyone remember?


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I just bought an airsoft version off of E-bay for $109.99. Just do a search for "USP Compact". Try to get a KSC version and avoid the KWA version. The problem is that US buyers will recieve their gun with orange painted on the tip of the gun.

The retailer I bought mine from uses oil based paint...does anyone know how to remove this paint without compromising the plastic material of the gun?


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KSC makes great Airsoft guns. They are powerful, fun to shoot, and are really durable. I just recently picked up the KSC full sized USP. A really nicely made gun.

I'll only buy 3 brands of Airsoft guns: Western Arms and KSC GBBs and Tokyo Marui AEGs.