Jabba the Hutt original face casting display


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Hey all,

Just updated our site with another original prop display. This time, it's what's thought to be the only surviving casting of Jabba the Hutt's face.

The original puppet was scrapped after filming, but Brandon Alinger of Prop Store found these incredible pieces. It includes an original set of plastic eye forms (insides and clear domes) and a massive foam latex face skin.

Brandon and I discussed and decided to keep everything very clean and minimal for the display. Everything was left unpainted and it was all about giving it a sense of completion and character without overly modifying original pieces.

Brian Lewis tackled the challenge of sculpting a form to properly support the pieces and did a phenomenal job. Brian's usual attention to detail gave us a really clean form that shows this piece off right. He also devised a great little mech to allow it to be displayed at multiple angles.

I also want to thank Marcelles Murdock of Prop Store, who took the finished photos... beautiful work there as well!

Enjoy the pics and please go visit our Facebook page and click "like" if you'd like to be kept up to date on our projects and get sneak peeks at our work! Tom Spina Designs | Facebook

For more photos of this project, visit: Movie Prop Display for an original Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars, Return of the Jedi

Thanks for looking!


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I had the chance to see this in person and also appreciate just how much work went into it. This is an amazing piece!!! Great work, guys!
Saw it in person as well.
@ Brandon - Amazing piece.
@ Tom & Brian - Nice work on the display. Love the gloss black form.
Wow! Absolutely amazing Tom and Brandon - great work with preserving the only surviving remnaints of ole' Jabba :thumbsup

Really great to see that the foam latex face casting hasn't rotted over the past 29 years.
And kudos to you Tom, for a tasteful and effective way of displaying the original components :thumbsup
.... though I'd have been tempted to create a full-body Jabba sculpt from scratch, to display the original face casting on? :confused :lol j/k !!

The only thing that is sad to me is that I don't think those photos really give you a good sense of just how HUGE this piece is! It is MASSIVE!
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