J.F. 1:1 Slimer wall burster

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Howlrunner, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Not posted any of my projects lately, so here's the latest piece I've been working on, this is the wall burster/hanger that is available from Jimmy Flintstones. Came raw, pinted it up with various shades of green and gloss varnished the whole thing.


    I've seen some beautiful paintups on this piece, but not any with particularly screen-accurate colours (normally the eyes are done to look more human with whites around the iris). I struggled a little to get the eyes done as best I could - I wanted to go with the actual puppet colours/look, but a little more real world and slightly less cartoony (the puppet eyes have very sharp edges between each colour). I'm happy enough with how they turned out. (If the head wasn't solid and the eyes were sculpted more spherically I would have gone with getting custom glass ones done).


    I'm also *slightly* bugged by the bottle in his hand - I tried different experiments, but just couldn't get a solid resin bottle to look see-through at all. Really wish they has cast it with an empty hand to place a real bottle into.

    Still got to get him mounted on the wall, so the angles of the hands are wrong in the picture.
  2. Kerr Avon

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    Looks great! If you don't like the bottle, why not just cut it out and epoxy a glass one in place?
  3. Howlrunner

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    It would be a HUGE chunk of resin to cut out (the hand and bottle are both solid, not hollow, and cast as one piece). I can live with it....
  4. OldKen

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    That was my FIRST thought when I saw the picture. Hey looks greaa... that bottle really throws it off... :confused

    GREAT paintup as usual Howelrunner! :) (y)thumbsup Really captured the feel of the puppet! (easier than capturing the opaqueness of what was seen on screen for sure, and done VERY nicely here!)

    Ehh, you posted that response before mine was up...

    If it is too big a risk I totally wouldn't want to mess up the work you have put in.

    It does look great. The face and mouth are just awesome! :)
  5. joelgoodson

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    Maybe you could paint it a darker shade of brown?
  6. Shipwreck

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    Slimer with a hotdog and a beer... ' OH PEETERR! " that is awesome. I can just see winston wearing a jersey and his ball cap, settling in to watch the baseball game. Slimer heading in from the kitchen with that in hand. Simply awesome!
  7. howlingwind13

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    Fantastic paint up...care to give a tutorial on how you layered it?
    Think I might need one of these.

  8. thegreatgalling

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    Love it! I have one of these in a box that needs painting.
  9. Mcreed87

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    One of the best slimer paint jobs I have seen.
  10. Hazelrah

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    What about spraying parts of the bottle with that "snow in a can" stuff to make it look frosty? As in ice cold...lol
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