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I wish the iZombie TV show was more akin to the comics instead of being more of a police procedural show. Still enjoyed the pilot episode.

iZombie is a loose adaptation of the comics and incorporates certain aspects of the comic character. One thing I am glad about the show is that they introduced all new characters instead of just changing the ones from the comics.

I haven't seen Warm Bodies but I am familiar with the movie's premise and I think the comparison of iZombie to that movie is little more apt.


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I watched it last night. I'm not familiar with the comic, but I enjoyed it well enough. Quirky and fun. I don't know that I'll follow it constantly (my TV plate is pretty full at the moment) but I'll try to catch it when I can.


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I thought it was great, it was quirky and reminded me a lot of shows like Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls. I don't know how close it is to Warm Bodies, as the zombie in that movie, while moderately "human", still isn't particularly functional. iZombie explores what it would be like to be a zombie hiding in a world of humans. It's nice that they found her an ally right away instead of having her try to keep her secret from everyone for an extended period.


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Interesting show. But it's not a show where I feel a lot of excitement waiting till the next episode. I think the main reasons I watch it are because it's after the flash and the actress is quite pretty.
Just my opinion of course.


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Also noticed they're running it on TNT (think that's where it was) as well. Not sure how to take that...


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Just watched the first 3 episodes on Hulu last night. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. But then I shouldn't be surprised because I loved Veronica Mars. Thought it does seem a little too much like VM with all of the inner monologue stuff. But I'll let it slide for now.


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I never watched Veronica Mars but that monologue VO stuff got real old real fast to me. I enjoy it, though. I have been debating doing a Liv costume for comic con this year. Mostly because I miss my white-blonde hair.
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