iwata airbrush kit*edited*


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is iwata a good brand air brush to get. I want to start painting up pred parts. Theres a kit for 160 at this hobby shop..

Ok so i found this mac tools airbrush on craigs list for 30 bucks. I have only tested it with water so far and its seems to work good. How did i do???




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Hey mate Iwata are great airbrushes but paasche and badger make some preety decent brushes to. iwata brushes are a bit more spendy then the paasche or badgers so you should look around. can you link the kit your buying?


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i left the place i'll try to find one online i didnt buy it yet.. my wife wont let me lol she always makes me wait till "my next check"

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I just got the Iwata Eclipse BCS.

She was used by a dude for about 6 months.

HE LET GO OF A MESS OF THINGS (over 20 Createx paints, hose, Compressor, heat gun, spare parts, etc) for only $140....

I felt bad walking out the door. The dude was so nice to me!

But hey... who can pass up a bargain like that?

My point.... BUY USED. well, 'Pre-Owned'. Craigslist hooked up this one for me. Otherwise, say hello to $500+ on a kit! 'yaaaay'...

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I brought an Iwata CP and a nice compressor with 3l tank with all the trimmings only to find out I cant airbrush to save my life bummer man its hard hats off to you guys who put out quality paint jobs ;)


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i already have a 1 gal compressor in my garage. but yea i didnt think of craigs list dont usually buy stuff on there i sell all the time though