It's ok, I'm a limo driver!

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    Its only 20 years after the event but ive tried knocking up Lloyds limo driver ID from the following screen shots.

    4784412_std.jpg lloyd christmas4.png lloyd christmas3.png lloyd christmas.png

    and came up with this


    I only have a dvd copy of the film so its not easy getting the detail. Im pretty sure the heading is just Limousine. Im pretty sure its his name written in the black bar. Im pretty sure its a barcode and driver number at the bottom. What the driver number is im not sure but it ends in 14 i think.

    edit: made some changes after seeing all the pics on this page. Thinner black line at the bottom. made the name text wider.

    edit 2: for some reason the attached thumbnail still shows the first version.

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    I think it looks great! I honestly didn't even remember Lloyd having a badge in that scene. Awesome job on the ID. :)

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