It's like a Stargate Christmas this week!


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In the last few days everything that I have waited months for has landed on the doorstep, IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS:D
I asked on the RPF if anyone recognized the real world part that was used for the Goa'uld ship wall lights. They were quickly identified by Duncanator, Sean and Grey (thanks guys) as septic leeching field chambers. Unfortunately the correct model was discontinued a few years ago and were only available in Canada and the US. I did eventually find a few but the stockist wouldn't sell them to me as they aren't licensed for use in the UK. I had to tell them that I was going to use them as wall lights and send pics, that made them laugh. I think it has taken about three months from start to finish to get them.

On Monday I finally got my hands on the right model of lamp that was used as the base for the table lamp on the Destiny in SGU.

Again this was a nightmare to get and took about three months also, and I really thought I had lost my money:facepalm I also managed to buy the Original studio masters for the top and side greeblies. After lots of searching I have also found most of the brass fittings used on the lamp, just a few more to go.

Lastly this Serpent Guard helmet arrived today.

I swapped one of my RA masks for it. It needs a lot of work and a repair to the nose that was damaged in the post due to crap packing :facepalm I think it will come up well after spending the time on it:)
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