It's a Supernatural Christmas! - Free giveaway inside!


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It's Christmas time.

That means I wanna give something away.

So... I normally have a little contest going where people submit names and then I do awesome things and people get free stuff.


1: Thou shalt name TWO (2) good things about someone on the board.

2: Thou shalt be a member with a post count of 2 (at least something prop related besides "Howdy!") and a membership date from yesterday or before.

3: Thou shalt not nominate thyself. No one likes an egotist.

4: Thou shalt not whine about who wins. No one likes a whiner.

5: Ifist thou wins, thou shalt not ***** about the stuff thine getteth.

6: Ifist thou not liketh Supernatural, why art thou reading mine thread? Getteth the fornication out!

Boom. 5 easy rules (and one opinion)

Both "sayer" and "awesome person" get written down on a piece of paper, and put into a bowl. I mix up the names in the bowl, and I pick a winner. I post up that you won, and you paypal me a penny so I can easily print a shipping label and get your cra-WINNINGS out to you :)

This will probably happen next week sometime, so there's no hurry on it. Each person gets submitted once to the BOWL OF DESTINY regardless of how much love they get, so it's not a popularity contest, but an actual contest.


Let's get the ball rolling on some Christmastime fun!


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Ok, to avoid confusion...

THIS giveaway is for Supernatural props.

The other giveaway is a mystery :)

2 separate giveaways, 2 separate BOWLS OF DESTINY, etc.



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Cause it's the bowl!
Of Destiny child,
you know we will be rockin' cause it's ****ing insane!

Cause it's the bowl!
Of Destiny child,
more precious than a diamond on a platinum chain!

somewhere in LA, there was a man named hydin
Who gave out free stuff to his fellow kin.
He met the newbies and he taught them well,
all the techniques that were developed in hell.
Cock pushups and the power slide,
geek simulation now there's nowhere to hide.
he made some contests, and gave away stuff for free,
and then he got the Bowl of Destiny.

Cause it's the bowl!
Of Destiny child,
you know we will be rockin' cause it's ****ing insane!

Cause it's the bowl!
Of Destiny child,
our tasty grooves are better than a chicken chow mein!

Cause he who is sleazy,
is easy to pleasy.
And she who is juicy,
must be loosy-goosey.
And he who is grinning,
will be the one winning,
so come on!

sorry, i couldnt resist :D

Deathstalker II

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Hey Hydin!

I would love to enter your awesome giveaway, and I dislike the terms immensely.

It's impossible to choose just one person!

I have been the recipient of an amazing amount of goodwill here. Rebelscum created a prop for me right when I got here that is a magical thing...Matt Munson has been awfully cool...Ozymandias is a talented artist, and my interactions with him have been incredibly gratifying. Kurtyboy has been an inspiration. SDStudios has been incredibly helpful...

...and there's this Hydin dude who kicks all kinds of hinder (ASS-SMOOCHIO!!).

So many awesome people here - so many I've not even gotten to know at all yet...

...but if I had to pick would have to be MATSUO.

I found my way here to the RPF while researching something I had no idea anyone had any interest in (what a moron) - making a replica PULSE RIFLE from ALIENS.

Not only is Matsuo a TALENTED DESIGNER, CASTER, AND FABRICATOR (my first statement, in compliance with the giveaway :D ) - but HE WAS ALSO VERY GIVING OF HIS TIME (statement #2) going so far as to advise me on my build, and finding parts for me that helped give my fanstastic SPATCAVE SPULSE RIFLE some extra impact.

His actions seem typical of the spirit of the talented people I've discovered at this forum, but he went above and beyond so that I could achieve far beyond my own expectations.

All of the people I mentioned above are awesome - but every time someone asks me about my Pulse Rifle - my blather becomes a story about Matsuo.

So there you have it. The BOWL OF DESTINY AWAITS...
Tough tough decision there, but for me it has to be Sporak. (sorry to the runners up but you guys are awesome too).

Bill has always helped anyone in need on this board and I'm certain he does as much in the real world. He is always friendly and never has a bad thing to say about anyone.

Secondly, Bill has filled my shelves with resiny goodness, and taken care of any free time I might have. And for that I thank him greatly. Not to mention all the generosity he's shown in the Pay it Forward thread.

An all around amazing friend to have.


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Rules never said ya can't nominate more than one person, just that ya gotta say 2 nice things whoever you DO nominate :)

Man, for a forum built on bending the rules and reading between the lines, some of you guys are a bit slow on the uptake :behave




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I would like to nominate Wolfie. The reason for this is one simple thread in the JY where in order to receive a red o-ring for a cryocan all you need to do was to make donation to a no-kill animal shelter. Personally I think that's a beautiful idea and I wish the world were populated with more people like this!


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Happy Holidays!

I would nominate
Tan Djarka

Honestly, this guy has one heck of a creative mind, and keeps reality in check.

He's also very patient and supportive a good quality in anyone!

Yellow Eyes

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Jesus, I barely know anyone besides hydin. Can I nominate you? Well I guess keyseroze...because what fan of supernatural doesn't like another, and also because he is the post above mine, EDIT: lol spot was snagged. Nice signature as well.

mmarlon brando

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I'll nominate Rbeato. His enthusiasm for props, especially Dexter-themed, is second to none, and he's always willing to answer the questions of an RPF noob like myself.


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I am relative new here, and I didn't have to much communication with other members, so
here is mine
FuseNova because generous is something great, and his giveaway xmas it's something that make me think in.

the other member I like to mention is Jedifyfe just because its amazing what he do.

my list can be really bigger than this....
there's a lot of amazing guys here


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Would also like to Nominate


He is an amazing guy and top artist. He did some artwork for me for FREE as he had some spare time and the artwork will make great pressies for my nephews

also FuseNova shouldn't really nominate him as he doesn't do international shipping for his amazing giveaways :lol:lol:lol
but the fact that he does do the giveaways and offers amazing items for free, that gets my vote and he's obviuosly a great guy as well :cool


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I'll nominate Ozy because his work with the Supernatural amulets are absolutely amazing and if it weren't for him no one would have an accurate replica. Given I still haven't gotten my hands on one but that doesn't mean they aren't amazing lol.
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Well Christmas is well and truley over but I'd still like to nominate KYSupernatural. He has been very supportive with my amulet project and is overall a really decent guy.
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