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Hello, everyone! I’m new to posting at RPF, and I’m happy to learn how things work around here.

I finally decided to register with the forum and make a WIP build log for the MCU Iron Spider Suit I’m currently working on because it’s a suit I’ve wanted to try making since Infinity War… and I just don’t see many that aren’t simply screen printed with the shoulders, webshooters, and legs added. Maybe there’s a reason for that lack of other builds, maybe it’s ridiculous to cover your whole body with 3D printed and epoxied plates, and maybe this way lies madness.

I’ll probably also be asking for advice, particularly on the lighting. Right now, any advice on lighting the lenses in the mask would be much appreciated!

Here is a media dump to show where I stand.

So far:
-I’ve bought a set of STL’s and began doctoring them up in blender, adding basically… thin 3D printed casts… under the scales and spandex since my biceps and forearms are not Spider-Man shaped.
-My wife and I laughed as we built a duct tape dummy of my body so that I could pattern and sew the bodysuit.
-I’ve gotten both forearms, biceps, and webshooters built… and worn them on my arms over my bodysuit shirt with great joy. I have the shoulders painted up too, but not attached yet.
-I’m still printing plates/scales! So many!
-I’ve flattened the wraparound-the-torso gold spider emblem and I’m modeling a mold to pour it in silicone. You know, so that I can still move when it’s on my body.
-I’ve been prototyping/editing the glove parts so that they are recognizable as Iron Spider, but I can still move my fingers

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Holy ****, this is incredible. Can't wait to see how this turns out!
Yeah…me too! Thanks for the compliment. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m excited to see it progressing. Hopefully processing the parts becomes faster now that I’ve got the steps really nailed down.

topher thomas

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Bumperoo to see if that wonderful project is still on going ;) (y) :cool:
It is still going, just on hiatus currently. I wasn’t going to get it done in time for the big Comic-Con in Kansas City, so I worked on a few other things to prepare for that event. I am excited to get this one done though! The boot plates are next up, all printed and ready to process.

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