IT CROWD - "Erotic art" wall props


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Don't judge.
The photos of the tennis player and the ballerina showing off their tukus that Douglas has hanging up in his office.....where do I get them.:)


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Not judging at all, Lol. I'd like to know myself. :D

I just discovered this show. And I was so busy looking at the geek pop explosion around Roy's desk that I somehow missed paying attention to Douglas's desk.
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"The IT Crowd" is British comedy series about the Information Technology staff at a fictional British company; it's been on since 2006. My wife just introduced me to the show a few months back. I started watching it with skepticism but soon became a huge fan of the show. It's also available for streaming on Netflix. Check it out; you won't regret it.

Alan Castillo

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OK, thanks. It makes sense now.

I was expecting a link ... or pics :love ... when I opened the thread :lol



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Great... Thanks guys now my wife is playing where's waldo when I was trying just to show her Harry Potter Book prop making tutorials....:cry:cry:cry


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The tennis poster was also a pretty prominent set decoration in "Ashes to Ashes"

Also to be "screen accurate" are you going to have them printed out onto canvas?
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