Issues with preparing .obj files ripped from games for printing (using Blender)


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Hey there, guys.

I'm having an issue with preparing .obj files I ripped from the Fallout. I have no idea what I'm doing, and am following some tutorials online. So here's the issue:

I took this model I ripped from NV, and I applied the subdivision surfaces modifier- and the edges are disconnected. not knowing how to fix this, I shoved a model into Netfabb to repair it, and the resolution is gross...
poor resolution.PNG

I've seen people fix .obj's with the modifier, but this doesn't happen to them. I think I just need a tutorial from start to finish preparing models for printing, because I am not quite sure what to do. I want the highest resolution, and the difference the modifier makes is night and day. If anyone is willing to tell me what I'm doing wrong, or knows where to find a complete guide- I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!!


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The problem I see is 2 fold. 1, the way the original art is created is made to run in a real-time engine and look good so the "high rez" version you see in game is done via normal mapping derived in part from the smoothed high rez model ( I wont go into how this is done as one can youtube it) so the low rez model you have isn't capable of having a smooth modifier applied to it and get the high rez result (google control edges). 2, an obj isn't going to behave the same way the original geometry did in the software it was created in. Smoothing groups,material IDs etc can get lost among other issues. My suggestion would be to use the obj as a base to reconstruct a manifold mesh of the model in question.

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The model you rip from a game is usually a low to medium poly model and is the quality of the model you can print. If you want a more detailed and sharper version - as seen in the game - you can't. The look is achieved by textures and other ways of making it look more detailed. Basically, sharpness and details are "painted" on a low to medium poly model.

I don't know what the subdivision modifier does, so can't help you there.