ISO Spiderman suit in time for Christmas


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Hi all: I am trying to find a Spiderman suit but cannot seem to find any state-side that will arrive before Christmas. Does anyone know of any sellers, distributors or friends selling a suit in the US? All I have found are from China and will not make it in time for Christmas. Any help you can give me is appreciated!


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Sorry if this is too late a response, and I don't have that much info to offer, other than what I've seen on other people's posts over the years. I have ordered from Zentai Zone before, which is in China and obviously would take too long, as you said.

Unfortunately, (especially at the time I'm writing this), I don't think there is any place that would be able to deliver a costume in time. There are custom costume makers on this site you could contact directly (I don't have any specific names, I'd have to search around the posts), but they usually take more time to complete costumes, since they're usually individuals and not big companies with more resources, and the costumes have to be custom made and sized.

A week and a half (when you wrote this) is not much time to get a costume, except maybe from a big company like Rubies that carries a lot of stock on hand. If you haven't checked Amazon, that would probably be your only option at this point. They may have something in stock to still be able to get it out to you in time. But the quality level may not be what you're looking for (not knowing exactly what you want).

Other than that, if you don't need the actual costume by Christmas and if it's a gift for someone else, you could give them a "voucher" for a Spider-Man costume, either say they can pick the one they want, or just order one knowing it won't arrive in time, but let the person know it's on the way. If you're ordering for someone you care about, I'm sure they would still be happy that you put so much thought and effort into getting it for them. I've gotten similar gifts like that before, and I never felt disappointed that it wasn't in hand on Christmas day - unless it's maybe for a small child, but even so, they tend to understand too.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. But I figured any response might help, maybe even bump up the thread so someone with better info will chime in.


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Also, if you haven't checked the "Classifieds" section here on the RPF, I'd check there too. Check "the Junkyard" and "project runs" just in case anyone is selling any costumes, and you can also post what you're looking for in the "Want To Buy" section.
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