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Want to Buy ISO: Classic Trilogy Stormtrooper Belt

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by lewistully, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. lewistully

    lewistully Active Member

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    I am looking for a Classic Trilogy Stormtrooper Belt, and hanger boxes. I am working on an ANH Solo, and have my holster rig under construction, but I won't have it for Fandom Fest in August when I am hoping to meet Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew. I have all the other pieces of my costume ready except for the holster rig and since I don't want to go un-belted I thought I would go the Death Star escape route and go with the Stormtrooper belt. I can get my hands on the canvas part if anyone has the "ammo" and hanger boxes. Need them by August 7th. (Cutting it close, I know.) Any help would be appreciated! I am hoping to Troop eventually and it would be nice if the quality was good enough to hang onto until then. If not a beater belt is fine, too.

    (I am going to make my own holster.)

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