Is This Seller A Recaster At All?


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Hi folks,

Not been around for far to long now... well posting anyways just lurking and admiring peoples works.

A lots changed in my life (thats for another thread lol) my love for mr pred however has not!! YAY!

Edited*** Big Howdy to Dan, Lee, Kit, Paul, Predatrhuntr, carlart, hez and the many others i've missed !!

Anywho... I was looking about on fleabay today and noticed a Bio I like the look of... and it was shockingly cheap!

Seems this seller has a range of Bios Just wondering if he is a recaster or indeed a member here or both etc.

Seller name:- mrjamesie


links and photos:

he has a lone wolf too:


Double H

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I took an interest in his lone wolf bio not long ago and emailed him on it and all was ok. Though I haven't seen him state anything on the info part saying that he sculpted these etc the only ever state what they are made of. So possibly a recaster but then again I haven't seen the P1 in that style before. Having said that the P1 does seem to resemble Mysteria's Predator Deluxe Bio

In the email that I sent him I asked whether he was a member on here or not, he said that he was but doesn't log on much anymore.....


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Would this be recasting then? I've read (many moons ago) about donar peices used as a bases etc but can't remember the out come.



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I believe it is a recast...if I remember correctly someone posted a little while back about the same guy and they are just modified mysteria's bios. The Wolf seems warped and also the price is a little low IMO which points to recast. I say buy from someone here so you know what your paying for.


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this seller has been selling slightly modified Mysteria bios for a while now, I have also seen him selling outright copies with no mods at all.


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The p1 is yes and they are undersized so why bother.

remember guys, you may think you are getting a good deal on ebay , but if its a recast, then you try to sell it here............... you are instantly BANNED, no tolerance to recasts being sold here. and that carries across the 3 forums now, so you will be banned here TDH and RPF.


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Hey lee... you ok?

Yeah guessed as much. I saw it... liked the style then saw the price and was like yea ok... lol!

Will steer clear!
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