Is this an acceptable thread for this community? Questions about Making a "Quail" Head-dress


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I have no idea where to post this because this my costume idea is an original concept that has nothing to do with movies or fashion. The costume I want to make is for an electronic music festival, so it’s not a “serious” costume, my only objective is to make something that is fun and obnoxiously colorful. If there is a better forum/community to post this please let me know.

The concept for my costume is inspired by the quail, the angler fish, and Phrygian helmets from ancient history. It is a weird concept, but basically all I want is to have a colorful “orb” or “bulb” that is suspended above my head, that can bounce up and down, and side to side when I am dancing.

The image below is a rough concept sketch. The yellow lines are the “head-bands”, the red lines are the “frame”, and the blue represents the “bulb”

I have been looking for an off-the-shelf product that I can use as the bulb, and so far the best candidate would be the “Pod Poi”, which is basically a 4.5” tall plastic bulb with a glowing light inside. I may experiment with different LED inserts but that’s not an important detail right now.


The part I need help with is how to make the frame that the bulb attaches to. I figure that a semi-rigid plastic would be the best material, but I have no idea where to start or what material to use. Would ABS, nylon, or TPU be suitable? Can I buy a sheet of this material and cut out my desired shape, or is this something that I can get 3D printed at a reasonable price? There are a lot of resources out there, but the problem is there are too many resources and I don’t know which resources are suitable for an amateur costume maker like me.


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The weight of the light and the strength and floppiness need to be figured out.

If you get a heavy light, you dont want it to pop off or smack you in da face or sag uncomfortably due to weight.

Is it for whole-body, drunk, head-banging or mild, nerdy nod-bobbing?

Id consider a spring coated in silicone or rubber for the stalk and a cast resin eye with LEDs embedded.


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This is for both dancing like a maniac and low-key head bobbing. I'd also be good if it didn't hurt excessively when I whack tall people with it, which is why I was leaning towards the pod poi. It's very durable and has a plastic casing.

For the cast resin eye are you literally talking about a resin eye? Or is that a term for some sort of round container?

The spring is a good idea, maybe I will get a silicone sleeve to put it in...

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