Is there a way to flex fiberglass?


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I have a fiberglass costume helmet that is a little warped and I want to fix it. Is there a way to get fiberglass to bend a little? I'm just worried about breaking it.
Thanks. I was hoping their might be a method of rubbing something on it to " soften " it up then let it dry after I make the corrections. Has anyone heard of such a way?
I have used the heat gun method a time or two, with limited success. The best I could do was to heat it and bend it beyond where you would like it (for spring back) and cool it down with cold wet rags. Good luck.
Heat guns get really freak'n hot...probably somewhere between 150-200 deg. be my guess.It will probably blister/damage the paint on the other side and to my knowledge...heating fiberglass isn't going to alow you to manipulate it.It will char/burn before you can bend it.You might want to consider completely refabricating the warped piece/area and re-painting the helmet.What kind of helmet is it?Can you show photos of the area(s) in question?
I'm afraid it will crack. On one side is a hair line crack so I will reinforce it but don't want to bend it without some help to make it more forgiving.
Fiberglass resin sets with a catalyst, not heat. You don't boil the resin, you add catalyst.

The resin can get very rubbery if it gets hot enough. But the paint probably would be damaged.
I can post some pics but it may be a few days. I'm working 2mro and going to see transformers 2night. It just needs bent in a little.
Fiberglass resin sets with a catalyst, not heat. You don't boil the resin, you add catalyst.

Fiberglass sets with heat generated by the catalyst. Fiberglass resin and the catalyst (mekp). Mixed together cause a reaction which generates heat to cure the resin. IE thermoset plastic.
I don't see the application of heat to already cured polyester resin/fiberglass doing anything besides destroying the paint.If you get a minor crack,all you need to do is mix up some Apoxi Sculpt,press it in and let it cure(sand if necessary) and re-paint.I don't see you being able to "unwarp" the part without doing some minor surgery/work.At least not until you can post pictures.




Hair line crack

I need to get the lower part of the visor area pushed in. Actually I need to bend the manzanita in so the will be flush against the visor.
that wouldnt be hard to V out that crack and repair it , then re weather the area to cover it all

as for it being out of shape , id take something like some 1mm thick steel and cut out a peice that fits inside , drill some holes in the steel , force the helmet into the shape you want with straps and cable ties , then bond the steel plate inside with pu sealer or more fibre glass

just my 2 cents ...

and i dont see heat doing much at all
The crack is a result of pushing the sides in when installing the visor so I have left the visor out untill I can figure out how to fix this. That's why I was hoping for a way to soften it up a tad.
I would make some strategically placed relief cuts in the helmet to make the section you want to change flexible. Then reinforce it back up with more glass and fill the cuts.
I don't see the warping so much as the outter piece to the Boba helmet *sprung* out, just separated.I can't be certain, but some clamps w/some wood (to avoid unneccessary damage) and good,strong epoxy should make the part fix flush.Some minotr work/repair which might call for come additional sanding,filling and reshaping along with some paint work and that might be "as good as it gets".Its hard to say,but the photo does give one an idea what the issue is.Sadly,there really isn't anyway to flex fibergalss without doing some kind of surery and altering the helmet/area where it needs correction and repair.You might be able to get another casting from whomever sold you the helmet (don't quote me on that).
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