Is there a "gold" paint that looks like gold, not "metallic"?


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I need a "gold" paint that can be sprayed onto clear plastics, mostly urethanes, that will look like smooth metal when viewed *through* the plastic. There are some "chrome" paints that work like that, but for "gold" all I've found are ones that only look good from the coated side, from the reverse they have a speckly "metallic" look.

Spaz Stix used to make such a paint but discontinued it because they weren't satisfied with it. Well, perhaps some customers might have been satisfied with it. Any reseller that had any of it quickly sold out and back-ordered to the hilt, until the company said they weren't going to make it any more. If you have a product that sells well, don' worry, be happy!


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Light repeated coats of Alclad would be my first choice, as per Robert, above.

It might be worth checking out spray paints for RC cars, intended for use on polycarbonate and Lexan, although I've not seen a smooth gold.

An alternative approach would be gold leaf or gold craft foil if it's essential to have the gold beneath the clear plastic.


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Alclad would be the one I would go to. The paint when properly base coated and applied to the surface gives a beautiful finish. Light thin coats are what is required with proper drying time between coats. The paint is already pre-thinned, so there's no need to do that. It takes a little practice to get the application down. You don't need a lot of pressure 12-15psi usually works just fine.


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The reason why there is no paint that replicates real gold, is because real gold can't be painted. It's like chrome paint never looks like real chrome.

Metallic gold is close but it would need a solid over sprayed back up coat of something to make it solid, like spraying metallic gold on a car panel but in reverse.

We use to gold leaf glass in the old days and it looks exactly like gold, because it is real gold, super thin. It's reasonably affordable and looks very good.


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The best gold (and silver) spray paints that I've ever seen are from Montana (the company not the state). They still look like paint but they're a lot better than anything else I've ever used. They need to be sprayed over a black base coat to look good, which would mean spraying the gold first on the inside of the clear plastic and then following up with a black over cost. Montana spray paints are sold in some art supply stores. You won't find them at the local big box hardware store.
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