Is there a cheap alternative for die cutting cardboard


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I had an idea for a cool cardboard prop I wanted to make a few of, but it would be REALLY a lot better if it was die cut, and not hand cut - Its under 6" by 6" ..
Problem is doing a run of 10 or 20 would cost a fortune for the die cutting - Is there a die cut alternative for cardboard that anyone here has tried?
As always, more info on what and how the pieces will be used would help in further suggestions.

Would thin plastic work? You could have plastic laser cut.
I didnt think of laser cutting - I know you can lasercut some types of cardboard, etc also -

good call - Im going to research
How thick is the card ? If it is thin enough you could use a computer controlled paper cutter like the craft robo.
What I want to make is a 13 Ghosts William Castle GHOST VIEWER - But not the one that is commonly seen - Like the one he used in the promos - The ghost shaped one -


I have a few ideas - I wanted to try and make a couple of them...
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