Is the site faster, slower, no different?

Art Andrews

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Community Staff
Tonight we moved the RPF to a new server. Our hope is that 1) we will stop seeing 500 errors and 2) the site will run a bit more quickly. Please let us know if you feel the site is loading faster, slower, or no differently than before.


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I noticed a distinct slow down after the switch yesterday.

But after tonight's down time, it's fast as can be.

Turn it up to Eleven.


Sr Member
Right now, it's about the same. Site loads superfast already. I think in the past year, I've gotten the 500 error message no less than five times, but I usually just click the RPF tab in my favorite again for it to load.


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Site feels hella faster, and no errors yet so far! Is this the work of that mysterious PhilP fella? He's as mischievous as that "RPF Staff" member... :lol either way bravo and cheers to our glorious overlords! :cheers


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I didn't get errors too often but it was very slow, sometimes I'd click a link and it would just hang. Seems much faster now, well done and thanks :thumbsup

Alan Castillo

Master Member
Oh, I noticed one thing.

When I open a thread, it loads OK, but for some reason, the thingy that goes round in the tab bar (globe for IE, a quarter sliver of a circle for Chrome, etc), keeps on spinning like the page is still loading.

This happens with threads, not 'front pages'.


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Gone but not forgotten.
The site has been down for me all morning. It just came back up a little bit ago. Seems O.K. speed wise for me.
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